Quality and Support


Assuring the quality of our products is important to us.

Assuring Quality

Every project we undertake goes through an extensive testing process. Our testing model has been gradually developed to determine all the issues that might creep up in a project. Every aspect is inspected, from the User Interfaces, User Experience, Functionality and the Code. All these aspects and more are put through a defined process of testing to ensure its quality.



Crafting User Stories

Who are the people that are going to be using your Application or Website and what problems will they face when using them? These are the questions we answer by creating user scenarios to test a project for any weakness it might have that could affect its functionality and usability.


Planning for delivery

Each project has its list of goals; we go through them one by one in a logical direction. In doing this we create a work efficiency within our team. This saves time in the long run and allows us to concentrate on the finer details of a project. Being able to concentrate on these details is an important part to delivering a quality product to our clients.



We test multiple versions of a project during the development process. In doing this we can test specific areas of a project as other areas continue to be developed. This saves time and allows us to see which areas can be approved and which areas need more work to fit the requirements of the project.

Integrated CI and Unit Testing

Every piece of code we write is tested to check its quality and that it is working correctly.

Functional and System Testing

Every aspect of functionality is continuously tested with each build to ensure that the project is working as it should and there are no issues.

Maintenance And Support

With live applications, there’s no room for error. Solutions must quickly adapt to users’ wants while simultaneously addressing their current challenges. Our maintenance and support offerings meet three critical areas of need following release: corrective maintenance to keep solutions running smoothly between major version updates; monitoring the third-party landscape to prevent outside changes from breaking your solution; and addressing advanced support issues in real time.


Maintaining Quality

We offer support to make sure that when changes need to be made to suit user needs, we can be there to help adapt the situation in your favor. We come up with fast solutions that solve the problems of your users without affecting the running of your project.

Help and Support

We are always here to solve any issues you might have with your system. As we will know your project inside and out, we can get straight to the important issues and fix them fast.

Adapt to change

With the ever evolving mobile market, there is always going to be new devices and new operating systems that might affect the running of your project. We will always be aware of the potential warnings and can offer the right solutions.

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Find out all you need to know about us and what makes us tick! We love to blog so have a look at all the latest content we've posted!

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