Servers and Cloud Based Mobile Applications

We can build systems and

cloud based mobile apps

that are interconnected through servers. At Irish Apps, we can provide a service that enables you to run your whole business online with analytics, payments and additional functionality. This will allow you to get your products and / or services out there working effectively and working faster.

Small Systems & Large Systems

When building a system using servers, it is necessary to plan for the future. What might work for a small user base now, will need a major overhaul in the future if there are more users using it. We build small systems on servers and

cloud based mobile applications

that cater for a small audience while making it easier to scale in the future.



Having a server where all your data, files and information can be stored in the one place is a great advantage. This allows for you to view all of your content in one place and have all your employees connected to one network. The additional advantage of having a server   with

cloud based mobile app

facility means it is also very easily accessible when offsite.


Investing in a cloud based server also gives the added advantage of faster upload and download speeds. You can share and receive content almost instantaneously with clients and co-workers no matter where they are based and it also alleviates many file size issues.



It makes much more sense to have all of your digital content in the cloud rather than having it in house. With the advancements in cyber security and data privacy measures, you can have a system that is as reliable as it is powerful.

For More on Cloud Based Mobile Apps and Servers

At Irish Apps we would be delighted to have a chat with you about our cloud server and

cloud based mobile application

facilities. You can call us at one of our offices in Galway, Dublin or Cork or simply send us on email at

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Find out all you need to know about us and what makes us tick! We love to blog so have a look at all the latest content we've posted!

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