The iOS experience

High quality look and feel with a great performance.


Open source assets

iOS is packed full of existing features that are accessible for development. This means that less time can be spent developing some of the core functionality of the project.


Testing iOS

Testing on iOS is efficient, with tools that make testing easier and more effective. As we are familiar with iOS development, we are able to carry out the process with great ease.

IOS Testing

Design for iOS

One advantage iOS might have over its Android counterpart is its sleek user interfaces. With a balanced and defined UI, it is always going to be an enjoyable experience.



Enjoy the experience that is Android.


Open source frameworks

With an ever increasing amount of available ready-made functionality, Android has an abundance of features that can be added to a project with great ease. This adds to the features you might already be considering adding to your project.


Testing on Android

We have a great amount of experience in testing Applications in the Android platform. We are very familiar with its capability’s and it’s shortfalls.

Design for Android

Increasingly, Android is starting to catch up with iOS in terms of the standards of its design and functionality. Not only do you have the option of the standard Android features, you also have access to a lot of great third-party applications that demonstrate a great user experience.

Project Architecture


Creating a balance and a high level of quality products is essential to creating products that hold the same level of quality through a products range. We weigh up the tasks ahead and create a balance that speaks quality.

High resolution artwork

There is a multitude of devices that need to be considered when designing the UI for Android. We take this into consideration when implementing our designs.




Once an app has been developed, we test it over and over again until we an be sure that it will function as it should. We have plans in place to make sure that we find any issues with an app before it is released.


We work with our clients from the beginning until the end of their project. Were not happy until you are. It is important to keep communication lines open and set targets to get a clients project up and running in an efficient amount of time.


We know it is important to prepare for a project before it begins development but it is also important to prepare for when it will be released as a finished product. It is important when developing for Android to think about how an app will be made available to the target audience. Will it go on an app store or will you be distributing the application by your own means?

Post Development

It can be a scary thing to send an app out into the app store. It is important to think about whether you want to maintain an app yourself or weather you want the app to be maintained by us. Think about weather you will have the time to maintain an app yourself and consider the option of having it updated for you.

Web Development

If you need a website that not only works for desktop but mobile devices as well. We can build websites that are fully customized to be viewed on most devices.

Mobile Websites

If you are thinking of creating a Website, it would be wise to also consider making that website, Mobile Compatible. A lot of people are viewing content from their mobile phones so it is important that they get the same experience on their mobile as they do on their Desktop Computer at home or work.

mobile websites

Design for Web

When designing for the web, we will make sure to take full advantage of the power of the web and many of the browsers available. Designing for the web should create a different experience to designing for mobile but the goals are still the same.

HTML5 and more!

Make the most of the web. There are so many resources and technologies that you can avail of and use to your advantage. HTML5 is paving the way for responsive websites and when you use it with other languages such as Java Script, it can create anything.


Cross Platform Web

Make the most out of the capabilities of multiple platforms and make it available on any platform. Being able to reach a wide audience is achievable when you cater for everybody.

Responsive Web

Your website will be viewed on a multitude of devices. We build websites that adapt to the users screen size and make sure that their experience on your website is as good as the next persons experience. The web is changing and we are changing with it.

Specific Devices

If you only need your website to be viewed on certain devices, we can build a website that is optimized for those devices, saving you time and money. If you know exactly what you need or you need advice, we can help you in deciding the best solution.

Windows Mobile

Windows 8 is clear, concise and easy to use.

Open source frameworks

Windows Mobile allows us to access lots of content for development, making the overall functionality and experience an impressive one.


Design for Windows Mobile

The clear and flat design of Windows is eye catching and easy to use. It is a pleasurable experience to pick up a Windows phone and navigate through the interface with an easy flowing feel to it.

Responsive Application Design

Responsive Design

The Windows OS operates across all devices, from desktops to tablets and phones. We work on making sure that the experience you have across multiple platforms is a familiar one and one that is a great experience.

Connected Suite of Applications


Its possible to run your applications across multiple devices and keep them all up to date and in sync with each other. It is becoming more and more important for people to be able to access all their applications, wherever they are. at home, work or travelling.

Planning the New Tech Stack

Multiple Platform planning

We work tirelessly to ensure that we implement the right strategy to ensure that the applications we produce are of the same quality no matter what device you view it on. A lot of planning goes into developing a strategy that will put your project on the right track.


We can build systems that are interconnected through servers. Basically, we can provide a service that enables you to run your whole business online with analytic’s, payments more functionality that will get your products or services out there working and working fast!

Small Systems & Large Systems

When building a system using servers, it is necessary to plan for the future. What might work for a small user base now, will need a major overhaul in the future if there are more users using it. We build small systems on servers that cater for a small audience while making it easier to scale in the future.




Having a server where all your data, files and information can be stored in the one place is a great advantage. See all your content in the one place and have everyone connected to the one network.



Upload and download content at increasingly high speeds. Share and receive content almost instantaneously with clients and co-workers from anywhere.



It makes much more sense to have all your digital content in the cloud rather than having it in house. With the advancements in security of information, you can be sure that you have a system that is reliable as it is powerful.