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Open source frameworks

With an ever increasing range of functionalities that are ‘ready-made’, the Android platform has an abundance of features that can be added to a project with great ease. This adds to the features you might already be considering adding to your

Android application development


Testing on Android

We have significant experience in testing applications on the Android platform. Our

Android application developers

are extremely familiar with the platforms capabilities and its shortfalls.

Design for Android

Increasingly, Android is starting to catch up with iOS in terms of the standards of its design and functionality. Not only do you have the option of the standard

Android apps development

features, you also have access to a lot of great third-party applications that demonstrate a greater user experience.
Project Architecture


Creating a balance of high level quality products from the beginning is essential to creating products that carry the same level of quality throughout an entire product range. We weigh up the tasks ahead and strike a balance so that the end product is consistent in standards of excellence for

android app development in Ireland

and universally.

High resolution artwork

There are a multitude of devices that need to be considered when designing the UI for Android. Our

Android application developers

take this into consideration when implementing our designs.



Once an app has been developed, we test it over and over again until we can be sure that it will function as it should. We have plans in place to ensure that we find and resolve any issues that might arise with the



Android apps

prior to their release.


We work with our clients from the beginning of a project right through until the end of their project. We are not happy until our clients are satisfied. We endeavour to keep communication lines open and set targets to get a project up and running in an efficient and timely manner.


It is important to prepare for a project prior to beginning development, but it is also important to prepare for when it will be released as a finished product. When planning an

Android app development

project in


you must think about how an app will be made available to the target audience. Will it go on an app store or will you be distributing the application by your own means?

Post Development

It is a big moment when you release an app into the app store. It is important to think about whether you want to maintain an app yourself or whether you want the app to be maintained by the developer. Consider whether you will have the time to maintain an app yourself or if having it maintained and updated for you is a better option in terms of your time and abilities.

Android App Development in Ireland

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Find out all you need to know about us and what makes us tick! We love to blog so have a look at all the latest content we've posted!

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