GPS are at the cutting edge of GPS and location aware applications. Some of our GPS based applications are amongst the most sophisticated on the market. We have been writing GPS based functionality for the past three years for both the iPhone and the Android suite of devices. See some of the many articles and experiments that we have written over the past three years for a flavour of the expertise we offer in this area.


We have extensive experience in displaying video content on the iPhone and Android platforms. We are currently working on a Video Tutorial App that displays video lessons on a number of different subjects. The videos can be stored locally on the device or downloaded from the cloud.


Google Maps and Bing Maps offer a wide range of functions that can be exploited on the iPhone/Android and on the Microsoft Phone 7 platform. Implementing Mapping functionality on mobile and web platforms is second nature to the developers at Over 40% or our apps contain some form of mapping functionality.

QR Codes

2D codes are a relatively new area interest and they are becoming more mainstream with each passing month. We highly recommend that any new apps incorporate this technology. When appropriate, we strongly recommend to our clients to use QR coding in their marketing and in the functionality within the app.


Bluetooth is a well established technology, and have been exploiting the advantages of bluetooth even before the first iPhone was introduced to the market. See our Articles and Experiments section for a demonstration of how effective bluetooth can be when operating in an indoor environment.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an essential part of any app that uses real time data. This can be in the form or audio, video, blogs etc. that are used to supply the mobile application with up to date information. We use Amazon’s and Google’s cloud computing infrastructure to download info to the mobile phone and to upload information in real time from the phone to the cloud such as user preferences, users current location etc and rest assured that the architecture of iPhone and Android ensure that the user is asked permission and kept informed of any information that is being transmitted from the phone. If you already have an existing client-server architecture in place, then we can use this infrastructure instead of using cloud services is that is more suitable to your needs.

GPS Video Maps QR Codes Bluetooth Cloud Computing

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